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Joe Biden at Democratic debate: 'Keep punching' to curb domestic violence - syracuse.com
Syracuse.com: Secachedstripped 1 hour ago
“And keep punching at it, and punching it and punching at it.”. His response received laughs from some in the Atlanta crowd during the fifth Democratic debate. Former Vice President Joe Biden had an ironic reply Wednesday night when asked how he would address sexual violence and harassment against women in today's “MeToo” era.

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'On whose authority?': What to watch in impeachment hearings - Houston Chronicle
om Houston Chronicle, b 26 minutes ago
What to watch after Thursday's hearings open at 9 a.m. They're the eighth and ninth witnesses to testify publicly before the House impeachment hearings against the 45th president. "And I asked, well, on whose authority?”.

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Ukraine reaction to impeachment hearings is a big yawn - The Washington Post
washingtonpost.com 55 minutes ago
Nor have the hearings been featured prominently in television coverage. In the United States, “it seems there is no interesting topic other than Ukraine,” Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko told The Washington Post on Tuesday at the end of a news conference. “Ukraine was always proud of support from both sides in Congress, and we would like to preserve that support.

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More protesters leave Hong Kong campus ahead of weekend poll | Hosted
Associated Press (AP) 1 hour ago
Another bill bans export of tear gas and other non-lethal tools to Hong Kong. It is unclear how many protesters are left behind. Some 1,000 protesters have either surrendered or been stopped while trying to flee.

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Trump may find unhappy 2016 voters may be unhappy with him in 2020
The Tennesseancachedstripped 2 hours ago
The “Mae West effect” helped elect Donald Trump, but it could defeat him in 2020. The Mae West effect helped elect Donald trump. He may find the situation reversed in 2020.

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Bender: Methed up marketing | Grand Forks Herald
Grand Forks Herald 1 hour ago
Folks, I'm no conspiracy theorist - I still believe Jeffrey Epstein strangled himself to death and that Prince Andrew was out getting pizza at the time - but South Dakota's weird new meth awareness campaign looks like a diversionary tactic to draw attention from a North Dakota scandal in which officials apparently flaunted bidding laws in their own marketing effort. That's methed up. We're also breaking up the good old boy network.

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Clippers edge Celtics 107-104 in OT with Leonard and George - San Antonio Express-News
My San Antoniocachedstripped 5 hours ago
George said he and Leonard are trying to get in sync with their other teammates. LOS ANGELES (AP) - With Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Lou Williams on the court, the Boston Celtics had to pick someone to leave unguarded. The Clippers committed 23 turnovers (Williams had seven while Leonard and George had five each) to 17 for the Celtics.

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General election Labour manifesto pledges to increase public sector pay by 5% | Politics News | Sky News
cuenta «Sky News» 38 minutes ago
Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to increase public sector pay by 5% if Labour wins the election. The party's "radical" manifesto, launched in Birmingham today, says all public sector workers would get a pay rise of 5% - an average of £1,643 - from April 2020. Labour said the 105-page manifesto was fully-costed, as was the Liberal Democrats' which was launched earlier this week.

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Will talk to Shiv Sena for finalising alliance: Prithviraj Chavan
The Telegraph India 1 hour ago
Maharashtra will get a stable government led by the Shiv Sena before December," Raut said. The Congress-NCP combine on Thursday said that the two parties have completed their discussion on all issues related to government formation in Maharashtra and will now hold talks with the Shiv Sena in Mumbai to "finalise the architecture of alliance". Former Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan told reporters after a meeting of the Congress and NCP leaders that there is a "complete unanimity" on all issues.

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Taking Stock: Market ends lacklustre as investors book profits at record highs - Moneycontrol.com
Moneycontrol 2 hours ago
Nifty traded lacklustre and settled marginally lower, taking a breather after the recent up move. Traders should limit their leveraged trades in the index and book profits on every rise. "We strongly feel that the market is set for profit taking or consolidation prior to further rise.

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After Twitter, Google cracks down on political ads - CBS News
CBS News 1 hour ago
San Francisco - Google is making it harder for political advertisers to target specific types of people. The company is also requiring advertiser verification for a broader range of political messages. Previously, only ads mentioning candidates or officeholders for federal positions required verification.

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US Denies Plans to Pull Some Troops from South Korea | Voice of America - English
voanews.comcachedstripped 4 hours ago
A typical U.S. military brigade numbers about 3,000 to 4,000 troops. OSAN AIR BASE, SOUTH KOREA, - The Pentagon on Thursday denied a South Korean news report saying that the United States was considering a significant cut to its troop numbers in South Korea if Seoul does not contribute more to the costs of the deployment. There are about 28,500 U.S. troops currently stationed in South Korea, which remains technically in a state of war with nuclear-armed neighbor North Korea following their 1950-1953 conflict.

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Alex Salmond accused of lying naked on woman and trying to rape her in Bute House - The Scotsman
The Scotsman - Scottish News 33 minutes ago
The former MP is also accused of sexually assaulting a woman with intent to rape in 2013. According to an indictment made public today, the former MP attempted to rape a woman at Bute House - a Grade A-listed Georgian town house in Edinburgh's New Town - in 2014. Salmond is then said to have pinned her against a wall, pulled at her clothes and stripped himself naked before trying to rape her on a bed.

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The state of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary - Vox
vox-markcachedstripped 1 hour ago
With fewer than 75 days until the Iowa caucuses, the Democratic presidential primary is very much in flux. All this means that Biden does not necessarily need to be alarmed by Buttigieg's rise in Iowa, Iowa Ipsos vice president and polling expert Clifford Young told Vox, and that - at least for now - it is difficult to predict how a Buttigieg win in that state (which remains, despite his polling there, one possible outcome of many) would affect races in New Hampshire or South Carolina. That group has expanded to include South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg - at least in an early state or two.

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City welcomes 6 cloned dogs to its police force
CBS Newscachedstripped 2 hours ago
Beijing - The police force in China's capital welcomed six new recruits this week at a special ceremony. The police dog base said it would monitor the cloned recruits closely during their training. Four of the dogs were born in the same litter in August.

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Israeli PM's rival calls for party primary before elections - Connecticut Post
The Connecticut Postcachedstripped 20 minutes ago
“I don't think the next elections will change anything.". JERUSALEM (AP) - In the first sign of rebellion with Israel's ruling right-wing Likud, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's top party rival called for a leadership primary should the country, as expected, go into an unprecedented third election in less than a year. The long-time Israeli leader is desperate to remain in office as he prepares for the expected indictment.

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Pope meets Thai Buddhist patriarch on visit promoting religious peace | India Post
India Post |cachedstripped 2 hours ago
This is the pontiff's first visit to Buddhist-majority Thailand - where just over 0.5 per cent of the population are Catholics - before he jets off to Japan on Saturday. “Catholics have enjoyed freedom in religious practice, despite their being in a minority, and for many years have lived in harmony with their Buddhist brothers and sisters,” the Pope said in a speech at the meeting. In an earlier speech, the Pope said the meeting was “a sign of the importance and urgency of promoting friendship and inter-religious dialogue”.

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Samsung Black Friday deals 2019: Save on the Galaxy S10, Note 10, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Fit, Smart TVs - PhoneArena
PhoneArenacachedstripped 2 hours ago
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 starts at $309.99 with eligible trade-in. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ starts at $459.99 with eligible trade-in. The 43" Samsung Smart 4K UHD TV starts at $279.99.

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Proposals put government savings before patient needs | Opinion
The Tallahassee Democrat 2 hours ago
We cannot allow policymakers to continue touting these proposals as our best solutions to rising health care costs. International reference pricing would essentially allow the government to evaluate the prices for drugs in foreign countries and use those as a reference point to establish prices for the same or similar medications in the United States. Of critical importance, however, is that many countries likely to be used as references have government run health care systems, where patients consistently face restrictions and reduced access to medications.

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Popovich, Spurs on 7-game losing streak; worst since 1996-97 - Houston Chronicle
om Houston Chronicle, b 6 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AP) - Forgive Gregg Popovich for not being in much of a mood to discuss the current state of the San Antonio Spurs. Here's how long it's been since the Spurs dropped seven games in a row, the way they now have after DeMar DeRozan, LaMarcus Aldridge and the rest of the team were beaten by the lowly Washington Wizards 138-132 on Wednesday night: You have to go all the way back to the 1996-97 season to find such a rut for Pop and Co. That was before Tim Duncan had even played a game for them - and that guy was in the arena Wednesday, sitting on the sideline as an assistant to Popovich.

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